HOME (2015)




4 EA07



Thrilling action when Tip and Oh towards the city of Paris to decode Oh invitation made by itself, but when the code is already solved and Tip and Oh exit. Suddenly the boov surround them, because Oh be disastrous for the boov, and as boov forbidden. Oh arrests began with the events ridiculous and thrilling because it was the Eiffel Tower upside down, and make the boov panic.

The Story

The story that begins when the boov always haunted by its enemies named Gorg, and according to Captain Smek the boov must move to new place of residence to be used as well as berlingdung of threats Gorg. And starting from one boov named “Oh”, wanted to create a party with friends of his apartment, but his friends did not want to attend a party is because they say Oh is one boov always making a scene and disturbing others , but Oh does not give up to throw a party in his apartment, Oh had a friend named “Kyle”. Kyle is one boov duty to regulate the flow of density boov * can be called the cops. When Oh send an invitation via communication tools boov, Oh made a big mistake when you want to invite the whole boov invite a party at his apartment, but when they want to send the invitation and hit the send button all, which is sent not only to all boov but the invitation message was sent throughout the galaxy. This makes the boov panic, because eventually the message will be sent to the great enemy boov Gorg.

Oh be boov wanted list, and make the whole boov angry about it. From this incident Oh met a girl named “Tip”, and the story has begun.

The Special Effect

Special effects impressed me when a private car belonging to tip suddenly can not burn, and Tip did not understand how it could happen. However, at that time Tip menyandra Oh exasperation behavior boov to his family, when his car was damaged and no one else besides Oh to help him, Tip also requesting assistance to Oh, and Oh make cars Tip becomes a thing of the unexpected by Tip, and it was really fascinating. Cars and even then eaten “Slushious”.

The Camera Work

The effects of camera thrilling ie when Oh knowing that sticks owned by captain Smek named “Shushur” it is an egg diujungnya Gorg, and Oh conclude that Gorg not hunt boov through your detection tool, but Gorg detect the eggs. When Gorg landing to Earth, oh a boov brave intend to return the egg to the Gorg, but the magnitude of the carrier Gorg, and the small size of the body Oh make Gorg can not see where Oh that is under the mother ship, and events mengerikanpun happening there ,

This animated film is very worth watching and myself recommend to menontoh this film, because in this film teaches us to be ourselves and not follow others, do not immediately believe what people say because not all beings are bad and what people are saying the true, and we are also taught to try to keep it just promises, despite how the condition occurs. Even this movie to get the rating on IMDB 6.7 / 10, so watch the movie Home!

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