Knitting Business


Hallo, my friend introduced her name Feby. He is one of the alumni student of the State Islamic University of Bandung, in addition to working at one of the regional companies Bandung Febi also currently undergoing a business venture of various accessories knitted 100% own making, from knitting bags, knickknacks ornaments clothes or veils, purses, and various knitted He still can be ordered if it can be done. All kinds of information needed when interested to order accessories handmade knit immediately wrote can be seen in Instagramnya @febi_crochet.

Provision order:
Must be wait for booking DP 50%. Created in full accordance with the send queue:
Send a picture that would be ordered to the contact listed on Instagram.
Fill in the order form: name, full address, no.hp, reservations (model size color number).
Dp initial transfer of at least 50% is accepted into account independently.
Orders will go straight into the queue, the estimated minimum of 2-3 weeks depending on many reservations.
Delivery using JNE Bandung.

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