Tugas Bahasa Inggris 2




4 EA07


My name Mifta Muzaki, at the moment I stepped on the age of 23 years and is conducting a study at the University Gunadarma Department of Management. I really liked the things in the form of beauty presented in a place and therefore I particularly liked the culinary, I also really liked the game that there’s computer or mobile phone, and on the sidelines of the time I also took time to read some interesting artiker socially mediated. Of the various things I like, I really wanted to open a culinary business, later on I will make a cafe named “Rovski”, in the cafe will be available a wide variety of desert menu, snack, until the food is great. The target market is students and the community around the area of ​​Depok, then plan for the location of the cafe will be in the area of ​​Depok, West Java. Due to a close with some of the best universities in Indonesia which allows it to be consumer appeal due to its close proximity to the campus.

Construction cafe will start to be made where the time when I myself have a bachelor, and the savings are sufficient for the construction of the cafe. For now I plan to do their own development with the concept that I want, however when conditions allow to increase relations in the field of business I would invite colleagues who will make planning in the culinary field. Selection of culinary business have been due to the proliferation of various kinds of food in Indonesia, and young people in Indonesia are racing each other to make creativity and innovation in a wide range of culinary, otherwise it will increase the number of entrepreneurship in Indonesia, which is still small at just 2% of the population of Indonesia. In the construction of cafe later, my theme hamster, which every decor from the kitchen to the dining room table containing hamster concept, from the couch to the wall cafe will be made in such a way pictorial hamster. As well as various facilities are also available to provide convenience for consumers in the form wifi cafe, television, and reservations via the mobile table to make it easier for consumers and a modern look.


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