Contoh Kal. Langsung yang diubah menjadi Tak Langsung.

  1. Buat 10 kalimat langsung yang di ubah menjadi kalimat tak langsung.
  • Dan ini adalah kalimat langsungnya.
  1. “When you return my book?” Asked Samid.
  2. “I come home I’ll Anggel inter huh?” Asked Desmond.
  3. “Are you still upset stomach? Asked the father.
  4. “Who was the Bali bombing ringleader” Asked the reporter to Kadispen Police.
  5. “Does anyone have an eraser?” Asked Tera
  6. “When we went to the Agus?” Asked Wahid.
  7. “Anybody who later joined the Ancol recreation?” Asked Jamal.
  8. “Does anyone watch TV last night?” Asked Sigit.
  9. “Jamal, you’re statistically chores?” Asked Agus.
  10. “Do you have a new album SNSD?” Asked Intan.
  • Dan ini adalah kalimat tak langsungnya.
  1. Samid asked when my book back.
  2. Desmond asked the Angel that he’ll come home between.
  3. Dad asked if I was still upset stomach.
  4. Reporters asked the national police kadispen anyone about the Bali bombing was the culprit.
  5. Tera asked if anyone had an eraser.
  6. Wahid menanyaan Agus when to go home.
  7. Jamal asked who will be the Ancol recreation
  8. Sigit ask if anyone is watching TV last night.
  9. Agus menyakan to Jamal whether statistical tasks
  10. Intan ask if anyone has a new album SNSD.

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